Hangzhou Capsicum Tenderloin


Product Feature: Hangzhou Capsicum Tenderloin only use the exclusive fattening "grain cow" as raw material, with the top-level seasoning, let you get the cooking flavor of high-class restaurant from simple cooking.

Product Content: Beef

Edible method: Cut the Hangzhou chili into pieces of 3-4cm and then put into the frying pan, till the pattern looks like a tiger skin. Put the Haoyue beef into the pan with big fire for 2mins, and then together stir-fry with Hangzhou chili for 30 seconds.

Product Specification: 200g/box

Storage Method: Freezing below - 18 ℃

Expiration Date: 12 months




address: No.11111 Haoyue Road, Luyuan District, Changchun, Jilin Province, China
Company telephone:0431-87958617 Fax: Auspicious ICP 14004422 -1 網站錯誤反饋
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